Our Instruments of Wealth Consulting
Our wealth consultants at the Koenig Group deliver unique and creative ideas; like solo instrumentals; that bring tremendous value, add depth and can transform estate plans already in effect. The resulting changes add dimension and an enhancement to your plan that just might have been missing all along. Click On An Instrument Section Below To Learn More.
Our Planning Process


We begin with a conversation. We take the time to learn about you and your family. We explore your goals and requirements for your wealth now and in the future; during your life and after you are gone. We review your existing estate plan and ensure that you are up to date with any new laws and changes. This information, along with a better understanding of your core values, allows us to compose an enhanced wealth plan unique to achieving your specific goals. We will prioritize those issues that are most important to you and your family.

We will give you a full explanation of our fee structure up front. Of course, we will hold all information disclosed to us in the strictest of confidence.

Orchestrate a Plan

We work together with you, your family members, and your other trusted advisors to put in place a plan that enhances your current estate planning work. Many times the most challenging part of a plan is getting it completed in a timely manner. Statistics show that 60% or so of plan documents are never signed and the plans are never implemented. We are here to make sure your plan will be completed and ultimately implemented. You will understand it and embrace it or we haven't done our job.

Implement Your Plan

Good implementation and administration is key to the planning process. The plan will be written out for you and your family in a simple and understandable form. We will continue to update your planning to keep it current. Bringing you new and creative ideas that will be helpful to your family now and for future generations is our goal. We take our relationships and our work seriously.

Get Started

Working with the Koenig Group is easy. We begin every client relationship with a complimentary introductory consultation. During this first consultation we meet with the client and later, if need be with their trusted advisors. An integral part of any plan is the coordination of all aspects of the financial landscape to provide continuity. Once we discover how we can assist a client an engagement letter is prepared which prioritizes goals. Fees are spelled out fully. After the engagement letter is signed, we work through the list of priorities. The next phase is the Discovery Phase. Here we assemble personal, financial and business data. We then try to understand your wants, goals, objectives and needs. One or more of our vetted strategies may be implemented providing maximum impact for the client, heirs and charity.

Start Protecting Your Wealth


You've worked hard for your wealth and now it's time to protect it. To learn more about how one of our knowledgeable wealth consultants can help you better plan for the expected please visit our contact page.


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