Joel Koenig | Founder & Managing Partner

Nationally recognized for his holistic approach to qualified and non-qualified retirement and IRA plans, wealth perpetuity and succession planning, Joel Koenig has lectured extensively throughout the country and has been a prolific contributor to a number of notable industry publications (including: The New York Univeristy Tax Institute, The AALU and as a contributing editor of Trusts & Estates magazine). Over the last 40 years, Joel has successfully navigated regulatory changes to guide hundreds of clients through the volatile upswings and downturns of the world economy. His dynamic approach to wealth consulting continues to be one of the most effective in the industry.

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Our History

For the last 40 years, the Koenig Group has addressed the complex financial concerns and needs of retired senior executives, high-income individuals, entrepreneur, business and real estate owners as well as high net worth families. During the early years of our firm, we worked with entrepreneurs, senior corporate executives and business owners to create larger income tax deductions using Qualified Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Plans and Non-qualified Supplemental Retirement and Deferred Compensation Plans.


When tax laws changed in 1970's and ERISA began imposing stricter limitations, we began leveraging our knowledge of Qualified Plans to become Non-Qualified Plan experts and began working closely with publicly held corporations, large non-profit organizations and senior executives of large family owned businesses to meet their diverse and complex financial goals.


In the decade after the millennium, changes in governmental regulations and fluctuations in the global economy have forced us to look carefully at the future and adjust our approach to wealth consulting. Today, our tactics emphasize a holistic approach to wealth consulting, income tax saving, asset protection and preservation. While our methods have changed over the years to adapt to the ever evolving regulatory environment, we have never lost sight of what matters most - the needs of our clients.

Our Values

We realize that every client has different resources, goals and needs. Unlike many firms, we can honestly say that our primary concern is helping the client achieve the goals most important to them and their families. We seek through many meetings to help them uncover core values as well as intergenerational needs and planning. There are a number of ways that we can help.


You will never find our wealth consultants suggesting the fad of the day or worse, offering a product because it pays them a commission. In fact, while we are registered investment advisors, we don't sell a single investment product and we don't manage money.


A lot of firms throw around terms like honesty, integrity and transparency, and while we do subscribe to these values, we take our dedication to our clients to another level. Our clients trust us for one simple reason – we work for them. Their goals are our goals and we wouldn't have it any other way.


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  • 2004 The Arizona Institute (CLU Institute) "The World without Death Taxes"
  • 2003 Annual Meeting, The International Forum
  • 2003 N.Y.C. Estate Planning Council "The World without Death Taxes"
  • 2002 NYU Tax Institute, "Liability Prevention Plan"
  • Georgetown University Law School & George Washington University
  • University of Southern Louisiana
  • The AALU Annual Meetings
  • The International Forum's Annual Meetings
  • The Million Dollar Round Table
  • Louisiana State University Advanced Pension School


  • "Advanced Pension Planning Course" – The American College of CLU and ChFC
  • AALU Handbook – "Advanced Uses of Split Dollar"
  • Journal of the American Society of CLU & ChFC
  • Trusts & Estates Magazine - Contributing Editor
  • Keeping Current Magazine- The Estate Planning Team: of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: reflections of a team player